Internship Connect (I-Connect) Program


Practical experience is essential for finding a suitable career opportunity. Internships are becoming a common avenue for gaining real world practical experience and exposure to the working environment. Internships also help in building new contacts and networking, allowing youth to better position themselves for job opportunities after graduation.

Program Description

IMPACT’s Internship Connect (I-Connect) Program facilitates unpaid internships for motivated and qualified students looking to gain valuable work experience. Based on their specific interests and goals, we find unique opportunities that best meet their needs.


I-Connect Program links students and graduates with hands-on learning opportunities for personal and career development.

Application Process

To apply, please send the following Involves:

  • Resume (1-Page)
  • Short cover letter detailing your interest in and suitability for the internship
  • 300-word-limit essay on “What is the value of an internship to you?”

Typically the application process time is 2 weeks and will involve a phone or in-person interview with shortlisted candidates.

Internship Opportunities Available

Name of Firm Sestava Nigeria Limited

(A subsidiary of Afron Group)

Firm Industry Internet (dot-com)
Proposed Department where student would intern Commercialization (Marketing, Sales, or Customer Service)
Time period internship will be offered Flexible