Mentors make a tremendous difference in the lives of Nigerian youth. They are role models, confidants, and advisors who help students think about ways to maximize their academic, professional and personal experiences and recognize the impact that they can make in their community.

Our mentors have diverse backgrounds and interests but share IMPACT’s vision and want to positively influence young people today.


  • Young professionals (23 and older) with a drive for assisting youth in maximizing their opportunities and with a wealth of experiences they would like to share
  • Willing to teach the methods and tools they used in achieving their success
  • Invested in the progress of the youth they mentor
  • Are aligned with IMPACT ’s goal “to see a Nigeria where talented citizens contribute positively to the growth, stability, progress and transformation of society”

Expectations of Mentors:

  • The program requires a 12-month commitment
  • Mentors are expected to interact (in person, via phone, or email) with mentees at least once a quarter
  • Listen to the needs and expectations of your mentee, and offer suggestions or feedback
  • Provide guidance to your mentee based on past experiences
  • Create a positive counseling relationship through open communication
  • Work with your mentee to help him/her develop and establish realistic and obtainable goals
  • Follow up on commitments made to your mentee
  • Contact the mentee if you are unable to attend scheduled meetings

Benefits to Mentor:

There are many benefits associated for mentors, including:

  • Sharing your knowledge and experience
  • Developing mentoring and coaching skills
  • Personal and professional satisfaction by contributing to the success and growth of your mentee
  • Gain a fresh perspective and additional experience as an advisor, supporter, tutor and coach
  • Helping develop the country’s workforce
  • Opportunities to network at our mentorship events