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The Second Annual Teenagers’ Essay Contest 2011

Topic: “How would you use media to make a change in your community?”

Unveiling Africa 2011 Essay Contest
Welcome to Unveiling Africa’s 2nd Annual Essay Contest! This year, in line with our Four Nation Building Roles: Academic Excellence, Community Activism, Excellence in Social Interaction and Personal Leadership, we explore how teenagers can effect a change in their communities through one of the most powerful tools readily available to them – media.

Teenagers, for whatever you think you can change about your street, estate, local government, village, or even state, this is your chance to tell us what they are, and propose your media-based plan to make the difference.

Essay Contest Structure
The 2011 Essay Contest takes on a new structure. There are now three stages: the research essay, the impromptu essay and the interview stages.

Essay Contest Plan

Round I: Research Essay (40 points)
Topic: “How would you use media to make a change in your community?”

In Round I, you are required to research and gather information from a variety of sources to explore one or more specific problems in your community, and insightfully describe how you would employ one or more forms of media to solve the specified problem(s).

“Media” includes:
a)      Conventional mediums such as TV, radio, internet, etc.
b)      Social media such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Hi5, etc.
c)      Celebrities such as musicians, rappers, movie stars, etc.
d)      Other forms of media
“Community” includes your street, estate, local government, village, etc.

Word Limit: 450 – 700 words

Round II: Impromptu Essay (30 points)
Topic: To Be Determined

The top 40 contestants (20 in each category) from Round I will be invited to the Impromptu Essay stage where contestants will be assigned a topic to respond to freely. This stage will test the contestant’s reasoning capacity, ability to structure thoughts and convey meaning effectively under pressure in writing. More information coming soon.

Round III: Interview (30 points)
The top 14 contestants (7 in each category) from Round II will be invited to the Interview stage where contestants will be interviewed on their essays, ideas and strengths. This stage will test the contestant’s reasoning capacity, ability to structure thoughts and convey meaning effectively under pressure orally. More information coming soon.

Winning Structure
In each category (JSS & SSS), the top 20 responses from Round I (Research Essay) will be invited to write an impromptu essay in Round II. The best 7 of Round II will advance to Round III for the interviews.

Winning Structure

Winners will be selected based on their cumulative performance on every stage of the Contest. Winning essays will be published and winners will be invited to the UVA Annual Teenagers’ Conference in October where they will be presented with the following prizes:

Prizes for Each Category:
1st Prize:              ₦100, 000 Scholarship + Laptop Computer
2nd Prize:              ₦100, 000 Scholarship
3rd Prize:              ₦75, 000 Scholarship
4th – 7th Prize:        Partner Prizes
Most Creative Idea:     UVA Thinker’s Award
(All winners will receive UVA Winners’ Package)

UVA Winners’ Package includes Unveiling Africa Certificate of Participation, Invitation to networking dinner with The Future Awards Alumni Network and other role model Nigerians.

Teachers of winning students will receive an honorary mention and token at the UVA Independence conference in October 2011. All participating schools will be included in the UVA honorary school roll.

Essay Contest Rules

Contest Registration
All entrants must register for the Essay Contest using the Essay Contest Materials. Download from our website www.unveilingafrica.org and adhere strictly to the instructions therein.

Unfortunately, online registrations are not available this year. However, any entrants wishing to register remotely must contact the Project Manager (details below)

•       Schools and other institutions will get the Essay Contest Materials from UVA Distribution Team or may request one by contacting the Project Manager
•       Individual entrants must also download the Contest Materials and contact the Project Manager
•       To contact the Project Manager, call or SMS [+234 (702) 575-5455, +234 (816) 591-0316, +234 (803)-716-1641] or email botegs@unveilingafrica.org

Essay Grading:
Emphasis for judging responses in the Junior Secondary Category will be placed on the following criteria:
•       Content (creativity and originality)
•       Organization
•       Grammar and spelling

Emphasis for judging responses in the Senior Secondary Category will be placed on the following criteria:
•       Understanding of the issue
•       Supporting Evidence
•       Persuasiveness
•       Quality of Language

Round I of the competition is open to all persons between the ages of 8 and 19 years as of July 31, 2011, including, but not limited to:
•       students of public and private secondary schools;
•       students of  “A-level” and foundation schools;
•       members of social institutions; and
•       independent individuals.

Eligibility for Rounds II & III will be determined by scores in the previous Round as described above in Winning Structure.

Deadline & Submission of Entries:
The deadline for Round I is June 30, 2011. Essays will be submitted to representative teacher/staff responsible for coordinating the essay competition at each school.

School representatives MUST deliver packaged essay entries to the following address on the due date, no later than 11:59 PM on June 30, 2011

Unveiling Africa Foundation
Attn: UVA 2010 Essay Competition
UVA Project Manager
101B Oshodi Apapa Express Way Oshodi
Lagos, Nigeria

For individual entrants, questions, comments, and alternative arrangements, please call the Project Manager 0702-575-5455, 0816-591-0316, 0803-716-1641

Other Terms and Conditions:
1.      The entry should be original and should not have been published earlier.
2.      Essays submissions maybe handwritten or typed (12 point Times New Roman) and doubled spaced.
3.      Essays should not include your name or any personal identifiers such as school, signature, etc. This is to eliminate bias at the marking stages. Please ensure your name is on the registration form attached to the essay.
4.      All references and materials from other sources should be duly acknowledged.
5.      The entries will be assessed by an independent panel of judges appointed by the Unveiling Africa Programs Department. The Programs Directors will determine the top 3 essays in each category. The decision of the judges shall be final.
6.      Proof of current registration such as a copy of transcript, letter of enrollment showing school enrollment before or by June 30th 2011 may be required.