Our youth are being short-changed.


Today, Nigerians are increasingly faced with significant difficulties in achieving their personal goals, especially in relation to their career aspirations. This situation is further exasperated by the resource constraint that plagues the Nigerian education system, coupled with the dearth of organisations providing academic guidance, professional support, and avenues to encourage community activism. As a result, our educational system no longer adequately equips individuals with the necessary skills and know-how to be successful in their chosen career paths, nor does it instill in them the drive to become catalysts for social change.

Our youth are not being groomed to be the leaders of tomorrow that they can potentially be. As a result, Nigerian youth are ill-equipped to take advantage of the diverse range of educational (academic and non-academic) and professional opportunities that will allow them to maximize their higher education experience.

Changing Nigeria for the better is the responsibility of every Nigerian, and The IMPACT Initiative is one avenue for doing so.